November - World Vegan Month

伟德开户网站 welcomes the trend towards organic plant-based food. As vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets are becoming a huge trend, consumers are looking for clean, healthy and organic alternatives for meat and dairy. The shift towards plant-based diets is going hand-in-hand with the booming demand for organic certified food. At Tradin organic, we believe that the combination of organic and plant-based will shape sustainable diets over the coming years. 

Due to our complete range of organic plant-based ingredients, 伟德开户网站 is in a great position to cater to the organic vegan food trend. Our products include many ingredients that can be used as meat replacers, dairy alternatives or as protein supplements. 

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Vegan Month

During the month of November, we will celebrate our variety of plant-based organic ingredients. For example, we will interview key colleagues, who will share some expert insight on where they see this trend going.  In addition, we will highlight some of our key vegan organic ingredients and where they come from. We will also share interesting data on the sustainability of our vegan and organic ingredients. Stay tuned, check our website and follow us on social media!

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